Monday, July 20, 2015


This sailor is/was someone's husband, son, brother, uncle, grandfather or friend.  His picture was owned by one of the people listed below, all of whom died in San Bernardino County, California between the years of 1988 and 2004.  No identifying information was on this picture.  I do believe he could be called an Immortal Nobody if he himself has passed on, but as you know there are some WWII vets still living so there is always a possibility that his time has not come yet.

But who is he?  He was known by one of these people listed below.

  • Betty Carson
  • Veldra Kirk
  • Betty Benedict
  • Gracie Solomon
  • Betty Walsh
  • Mari Graves
  • Etiennette "Ann" Bernier Bean
  • Bernice Dale
  • Ethel Ivy Marie Beckel Carpenter Bridges
  • Edward Vintus
  • Muriel Ruth Johnstone Walker
  • Paul Blaine Reveal
  • Ethel Jane Knapp
  • Bernice Beitzel Vieau
  • Virginia Cowan Henderson
  • Dorr Stuart
  • Clarence Bennett
  • Velma Helms
  • Dale Hathaway
  • Mildred Beach
  • Alice Becker
  • Helen M. Peterson
  • Victor Corey
  • Margaret Morrison
  • Emma Karstens
  • Eva Greco
  • Joe Atton
  • Fred Knodel
  • Marjorie A. Clagett Woosley
  • James Torres
  • Douglas J. Bryant
  • Myrtle Dieckmann
  • Paul and Virginia Tenney McCoy Nordby

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