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San Bernardino CA Daily Courier, Wednesday, June 14, 1893

The Careless Handling of a Revolver Causes the Wounding and Probable Death
of a Promising Young Man
The Shooting Entirely Accidental

Word was received in this city late yesterday afternoon that Ed Hadden, son of Thomas Hadden, and Grandson of Judge J. M. Morris, had been accidentally shot on the train at Riverside by Capt. Jack A. Mellon of Yuma.

The facts of the case, so far as could be obtained, were these:  Mr. Hadden had secured a position on the ranch of Dan Freeman in Los Angeles county and had taken the 4 o'clock train to go to the ranch to commence work.  When the train reached Riverside, he got out on the platform and talked to some acquaintances, getting on again as the train was about to start.  He took a seat directly in front of Mr. Mellon.  That gentleman was at this particular time just in the act of removing a revolver from his valise to his pocket for some purpose, when, just as Mr. Hadden sat down, the revolver in some unaccountable way went off, the ball going through the back of the seat and penetrating Mr. Hadden's back about two inches below the heart.  The ball went clear through him, striking the tenth rib.

The injured man was at once removed from the train and his parents, who reside in this city, sent for.

The report last evening was that Mr. Hadden was mortally wounded and could not probably live until morning.  It is sincerely hoped by his many friends here that this view of the case is incorrect.

Most of the citizens of this city will remember Mr. Hadden, who several years ago moved with his parents to Fresno where he lived until quite lately, he having reached San Bernardino only a few days ago.  He is about 24 years of age and is a very bright young man, well thought of wherever he goes.

Captain Mellon, the accidental cause of the shooting, is captain of the steamer Gila, plying on the Colorado river.  The captain has a summer residence at Santa Monica and was on his way there for a few days' rest and recreation when the unfortunate accident occurred.  Captain Mellon is described by some of his friends in this city as a most kindhearted gentleman, who makes friends wherever h goes.  He will suffer nearly as much as the wounded man on account of the accident.

Altogether it was a most unfortunate affair.

Colorado River Steamboat "Gila"
Carlton Watkins, Photographer
Owned by J. Paul Getty Museum 

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