Friday, November 27, 2015


"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."

                                                                   - Will Rogers

This is a story about a dog named Gilley.  We would call him a Police Dog, but he was officially a Patrol, Narcotics and SWAT Canine.  On November 7, Capt. Randy DeAnda of the Rialto [California]  Police department sent out an email to all members of the Police Department.


Last night while on duty, Canine Officer Glen Anderson noticed his K-9 partner, Gilley, was sick.  Gilley was taken to a Veterinary Hospital in Ontario.  It was discovered that Gilley had a tumor attached to his heart, which was causing fluid to surround his heart and other vital organs.  Canine Officer Glen Anderson consulted with the Veterinarian regarding Gilley's medical condition, prognosis, his age and quality of life.  Their decision was to put Gilley down to avoid further pain and suffering.

Gilley was a phenomenal Patrol, Narcotics and SWAT Canine.  He served the department, community and all of his law enforcement partners for eight years... Gilley saved the department countless man hours and will truly be missed.


Gilley's statistics over those last 8 years are as follows:

Recovery of:   108 pounds of methamphetamine
                        380 pounds of marijuana
                        130 pounds of cocaine
                          31 pounds of heroin
                        Over a million dollars in cash

Credit for:        36 apprehensions
                         213 suspect finds and surrenders


Capt. DeAnda encouraged the members of the Police Department to keep Gilley's handler, Canine Officer Glen Anderson, in their thoughts and prayers.

Officer Anderson reported that in the first 72 hours more than 300 local law enforcement folk that he worked with over the years called or text him - a great outpouring of support for him and a salute to Gilley's own law enforcement career.

I say that Gilley takes an important and well-earned place among my "Immortal Nobodies."