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April 30, 1836 - December 9, 1915

Independence [KS] Reporter, Saturday, February 17, 1899, page 1

He Will Not Be Sent to the Asylum - His Family
Will See That He Receives Proper Treatment
In Private Institutions.

Since Wednesday noon, the question of the sanity of John Salathiel has been on trial in probate court and a verdict was reached at 11 a.m. today by the jury, which consisted of Dr. Elly, W. C. Millikan, M.V. Strine, J. M. Walker, A. B. Yeager and H. W. Hazen. 

The verdict was in accordance with an agreement made by all the parties most interested and is that Mr. Salathiel is unfitted to attend to his own affairs; that his condition is probably due to the excessive use of tobacco and close attention to business; that it is not hereditary or caused by epilepsy and that he has never had any medical treatment for it.

His son Thomas Salathiel was appointed guardian.  It is not the intention to send Mr. Salathiel to an insane asylum.  It is believed that a rest from business, a change of scene and proper treatment in some sanitarium will restore him, and he will be taken as soon as possible to Manitou Hot Springs, the sea coast, or some other place to be agreed upon.

For several months past it has been evident to Mr. Salathiel's family that in some respects his mind was unbalanced.  On most all subjects and in the conduct of his business he has been perfectly rational, but he has had strange hallucinations of family troubles for which there has not been the slightest grounds and he has made threats against various citizens which have caused his family great uneasiness and impelled them to take action to avoid a possible tragedy.  Mr. Salathiel, at first, was disposed to make a bitter fight against this legal proceeding and employed O. P. Ergenbright as his attorney, A. B. Clark representing the state, but even the defendant himself seemed convinced by the testimony adduced; that his actions had been strange, and this morning cheerfully agreed to the disposition that has been made of the case.

The simple truth is that his nervous system is badly impaired.  For months he has slept but little and rest and a change are clearly needed and there is every reason for hoping that complete restoration will follow, as his general physical health and strength are good.

The proceeding has excited much interesting in this city, where Mr. Salathiel and his family have resided for many years, enjoying the full confidence and esteem of all our citizens, and everyone hopes that in a short time he will return to us fully restored to his accustomed mental and physical health.

Mr. Salathiel's grocery store will be kept running as usual and Walter Salathiel now with I. G. Fowler, will give his attention to it for the present.

Note that Mr. Salathiel lived another 15+ years.

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