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Lillie Jane (sometimes Jennie) McConnell was the first of eight children born to John B and Narcissa Frances "Bonnie" Wright McConnell and one of only three who survived to adulthood. She was my Grandma Maud's sister. There was 8 years between Lillie and Maud another 8 years before brother Harrie Uberto "Bert" was born. The first seven children were born in Glasgow, Barren County, Kentucky. Sometime before 1880 the McConnells left Kentucky and settled in Kosse, Texas, where John took up farming.

The family records that Lillie spent a year teaching school in Texas and then in 1886 married Benjamin Franklin McCammon, a train engineer. They shortly moved to Colorado City (now part of Colorado Springs) and by 1892 four children had been born. The oldest baby died, but the other three children, Hazel, Floyd and John all lived.

Ben either purchased or had a house built at 1804 Colorado Street, which remained in the McCammon family until 1977.

In 1893 Lillie was widowed when her husband was killed in a train wreck. A local newspaper gave the details:

Lillie's family came from Texas to help her, and it was decided that her younger sister Maud, now nearing 18 years old, would stay and help her sister with the children.

Once they got to be of school age, Maud took a job at a bookstore in town, and in 1898 she met and married Scott Dobbins, a rancher and musician. The wedding was held at Lillie's house. A year later, Lillie married Charles Wheeler, a building contractor and in 1900 she gave birth to their only child, Lucy Eleanor Wheeler.

Maud's husband died in 1917, leaving two children, Dorothy 13, and Scott Jr. 9. Maud had to go to work full time, so Lillie returned the favor and became a loving caretaker to her own sister's children. Lillie died in 1939 and Charlie in 1940.

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